How HealthPad works

HealthPad is a secure, health-focused publishing platform that enables health providers to manage and distribute health information, freely and easily via the internet.

HealthPad was demanded by doctors and developed for doctors and their patients. The platform amplifies and broadcasts health providers’ services and expertise and enables them to create, develop and engage online communities interested in health. It also connects patients directly to health providers and helps to accelerate the pace for discovery and widen networks.

The Site has advanced search capabilities, is easy-to-use, can be accessed anyhow, anywhere and at any time and has been specifically designed for non-technical health providers to showcase their expertise and share premium health information with patients and colleagues.

HealthPad has a growing rich media content library of exclusive premium video answers to patients’ frequently asked questions about the prevention, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, side effects and aftercare associated with some high volume therapeutic areas, which include cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, birth, pregnancy, obstetrics, dentistry and HIV-Aids.

Health providers are encouraged to register and join a growing distinguished group of leading health professionals from world class medical institutions who are helping us build a comprehensive rich media health content library covering all therapeutic areas.

What differentiates HealthPad from medical information provided in pamphlets and in online websites such as WebMD, is that a significant amount of HealthPad’s information is in a rich media format and linked directly to health providers.

Video has become the preferred medium for content consumption by patients. People feel a greater allegiance to personalised video content than they do to pamphlets and the written word. Research suggests that if patients cannot get face-time with their health professionals, they want online video answers to their questions directly from doctors.

Eighty per cent of all people search online for health information, but 75% become confused and frustrated by their findings. This is because there is no easy solution for patients to quickly and easily obtain reliable online answers to their questions and there is no easy solution for doctors to post answers to patients’ questions in an online video format.

HealthPad provides a solution for both patients and doctors.

What doctor’s say “Nothing has changed clinical practice more fundamentally than one recent innovation: the internet.” New England Journal of Medicine, 2010.

“Videos personalise medicine and have positive psycho-social effects. Patients feel that they know me before we have even met and are less inclined to be swayed by discoordant and often incorrect medical information they encounter on the internet that can create misperceptions and fear.” Dr Whitfield Growdon, a cancer specialist who teaches at the Harvard University Medical School and has a gynaecologic medical and surgical practice at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

“Videos reduce valuable doctor face-time with patients while improving doctor-patient relationships and patient compliance by helping them understand their condition and treatment better.” Dr Sufyan Hussain, a Specialist Registrar and honorary clinical lecturer in endocrinology at Imperial College London.

Drs Growdon and Hussain participated in HealthPad’s 2012-2013 beta test.

If you're interested in finding out more about the HealthPad project we'd like to hear from you.