European Translational Research network in Ovarian Cancer

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EUTROC (European Translational Research network in Ovarian Cancer) is a European cancer network addressing the fragmentation currently hindering translational research for cutting edge therapies in ovarian cancer.

It will strengthen European excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of OC.

The need to bring promising drug candidates and treatments into clinical settings is currently delayed by the lack of standardised protocols for preclinical animal studies, lack of suitable ovarian cancer models, lack of validated predictive biomarker diagnostics, and integrated appropriate management of translational research partners (including pharma and biotech companies).

Developing effective diagnostic and treatment strategies require structured joint efforts of experts on tumor immunology, epigenetics, pathology, bioinformatics, drug development and delivery, trial development, clinical oncology and gynecological oncology.

Leading European researchers and clinicians together with the pharmaceutical industry and biotech companies will focus on preclinical and clinical studies in ovarian cancer. Therefore new targets will be identified, validated and translated to new drugs and brought to clinical practice. Standardisation and harmonisation of laboratory practices and good clinical practice procedures will BE performed within the consortium.

The consortium combines expertise in clinical as well as preclinical research. Involved researchers are coordinating a number of investigator-initiated Phase I, II trials.The Network will build a platform for research and strong educational programs for the next generation of experts aimed at developing individualised patients benefit.



  • London