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Simoen Sizer

The London Vaginal Atrophy Clinic

The London Vaginal Atrophy Clinic offers unique and ideal solution for an effective treatment of vaginal atrophy in London, as well as discomfort, dryness, laxity and painless intercourse treatments in London.

The London Vaginal Atrophy is a Dyspareunia treatment clinic in London providing effective Dyspareunia treatments, a sexual pain disorder felt in the genital area or pelvic.

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Michael Marmot

Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College, London and Director of the UCL Institute of Health Equity

Sir Michael Marmot is Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College, London and Director of the Institute of Health Equity (UCL Department of Epidemiology & Public Health).

Professor Marmot has been awarded honorary doctorates from 14 universities and has led research groups on health inequalities for 40 years. He was Chair of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health (CSDH), which was set up by the World Health Organization in 2005, and produced the report entitled: ‘Closing the Gap in a Generation’ in August 2008.

At the request of the British Government, he conducted the Strategic Review of Health Inequalities in England, which published its report 'Fair Society, Healthy Lives' (aka The Marmot Review) in February 2010. This was followed by the European Review of Social Determinants of Health and the Health Divide, for WHO Europe in 2014. He chaired the Breast Screening Review for the NHS National Cancer Action Team and from 2011-2004 was a member of The Lancet-University of Oslo Commission on Global Governance for Health. He is currently Chair of the PAHO Commission on Equity and Health Inequalities in the Region of the Americas.

He set up the Whitehall II Studies of British Civil Servants, investigating explanations for the striking inverse social gradient in morbidity and mortality. He leads the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) and is engaged in several international research efforts on the social determinants of health. He served as President of the British Medical Association (BMA) in 2010-2011, and President of the World Medical Association (2015-16) and he is President of the British Lung Foundation. He is an Honorary Fellow of the American College of Epidemiology, a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, an Honorary Fellow of the British Academy, and an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health of the Royal College of Physicians. He was a member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution for six years and in 2000 he was knighted by Her Majesty The Queen, for services to epidemiology and the understanding of health inequalities.

Internationally acclaimed, Professor Marmot is a Foreign Associate Member of the Institute of Medicine (IOM), and a former Vice President of the Academia Europaea. He won the Balzan Prize for Epidemiology in 2004, gave the Harveian Oration in 2006, and won the William B. Graham Prize for Health Services Research in 2008.

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