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Endometrial Polyp is out-pocket of tissue that sticks out of the innermost lining of the uterus. They are often seen in women in their 40s and 50s. The inner-most lining of the uterus is known as the endometrium, hence the name endometrial polyps (Read also: Endometrial Ablation). These polyps are also referred to as uterine polyps and are made up of fibrous tissue and blood vessels from the endometrium. Endometrial polyps tend to come in different sizes, and may measure just a few millimeters or more than a few centimeters in size.

Polyps in the Uterus
Banner Endometrial PolypThe polyps are of two types, pedunculated and sessile. While the former have a pedicle or stalk that fixes them to the uterine wall, the latter are flat based. Pedunculated polyps tend to occur more often than the sessile polyps. The peduculated endometrial polyps often jut out through the cervix and into the vagina due to their longer shape. The color of the polyps is red or brown like the endometrium, but they may also appear dark red especially if large.

Some women may have a single endometrial polyp, while others may have multiple polyps in the uterus. Nearly 10% of women are estimated to have endometrial polyps in the uterus. Additionally, polyps are the primary cause of irregular vaginal bleeding in 25% of the women experiencing this symptom. Though most uterine polyps are benign or non-cancerous in nature, around 0.5% are cancerous. Hence, they do have a possibility of turning into cancerous growths and need to be investigated thoroughly.

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