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A molar pregnancy is an abnormal pregnancy, which results from abnormal fertilization. The molar pregnancy itself is not dangerous, but if left untreated inside of the uterus it will lead to a uterine cancer, called choriocarcinoma. This means that molar pregnancy is also a precancerous condition. A molar pregnancy is also known as hydatiform mole.
As mentioned before a hydatiform mole results from an abnormal fertilization. During this abnormal fertilization, the tissue that normally forms the fetus and the placenta, in molar pregnancy will form an abnormal cystic mass. The cysts have a characteristic form of grapes.
There are two types of molar pregnancy:

– complete
– incomplete

The Difference Between a Complete and Incomplete Mole
Both complete and incomplete mole will result from an abnormal fertilization.
An complete one results from the fertilization of two spermatozoids and an egg which has no genetic material, while an incomplete mole results from the fertilization of two spermatozoids and a normal egg. The embryo created in this case will have 69 chromosomes instead of 46 chromosomes that a normal embryo has.
A complete mole only consists of a cystic mass with a characteristic form of a grape, while an incomplete mole has also fetal parts together with an abnormal cystic mass.
Both complete and incomplete mole will not lead to creation of a normal embryo and development of a normal fetus. In an incomplete molar pregnancy the embryo will begin to develop but it is malformed and can’t survive.

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