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Action Radiotherapy

UK’s only charity dedicated to improving radiotherapy treatment

Action Radiotherapy believes that every cancer patient in the UK should have access to the best radiotherapy treatment available.

We aim to support radiotherapy research and development and support radiotherapy professionals by providing online tools to enhance collaboration.

Radiotherapy is effective and inexpensive compared with some cancer treatments and second only to surgery in its potential to cure cancer. Even small improvements in how radiotherapy is delivered could lead to large increases in the number of patients cured, and improve palliative treatment for others

Action Radiotherapy was launched in the House of Lords in July 2010. It grew out of the Academic Clinical Oncology and Radiobiology Research Network (ACORRN) which was launched initially by the National Cancer Research Institute in 2005 to harness the power of the radiation research base in the UK.

Action Radiotherapy receives no government or other funding and its activities are entirely dependent on charitable donations.

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Hani Gabra

Co-Founder, Board Member and Chief Scientific Officer at Papyrus Therapeutics Inc; Consultant Medical Oncologist, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust; Professor Emeritus in Medical Oncology, Imperial College London

Professor Gabra is Co-Founder, Board Member and Chief Scientific Officer at Papyrus Therapeutics Inc; he also hold the position of Consultant Medical Oncologist at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust and is Professor Emeritus in Medical Oncology, Imperial College London.

He has extensive experience of preclinical cancer biology and clinical drug development, having previously been Chief Medical Officer at BerGenBio,Oxford, UK and Vice President in Early Clinical Development at AstraZeneca in Cambridge, UK, concurrently holding the positions of Professor of Medical Oncology at Imperial College London and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (since 2003) and Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers at University of Bergen. He was previously Head of Medical Oncology, Director of the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre and Head of Imperial College Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, as well as Chief of Service of the West London Gynaecological Cancer Centre at Imperial College London. Prior to that he was Cancer Research UK Clinical Scientist and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant in Medical Oncology at the CRUK Medical Oncology Unit in the University of Edinburgh.

Prof Gabra is an internationally recognised leader in translational research and gynaecological oncology. His research interests include tumour suppressor genes that regulate receptor tyrosine kinase networks (including AXL), the molecular basis of clinical platinum resistance, and all phases of ovarian cancer clinical research. He is the author of more than 200 peer reviewed publications and patents, with over 15,000 citations associated with his publications.


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